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Permanent makeup solutions can be the answer to several beauty problems. More than just a cosmetic solution, permanent makeup can benefit:

POST SURGICAL/INJURY – Those seeking reconstruction of the areola after mastectomy, scar camouflage after surgery or accidents or injury.

HAIR LOSS – For people who have lost some or all of their facial hair due to Alopecia, chemotherapy, Thyroidism or Trichotillomania.

VITILIGO – People who may have areas of skin where pigment has been lost.

PHYSICALLY ACTIVE – People who want to look their best throughout activities such as swimming and aerobics and do not want to worry about sweating off or reapplying make-up.

ALLERGIES AND SENSITIVE SKIN – Those people who have contact lens sensitivities or sensitivities to conventional makeup.


Permanent cosmetic enhancement can last for many years dependent on many variables. Softer neutral enhancements tend to fade faster normally requiring a colour boost every 12 months to maintain their fresh appearance.

Any Permanent Cosmetic procedure will always begin with a consultation which includes getting details about your general health and your expectation about what kind of look you are desire or what result you would like to achieve with these kinds of enhancement. Prior to any permanent cosmetic treatment, you will receive a sensitivity test to carry out to test pigment and topical anaesthetic on your skin.

We discuss which shades of colour best compliment your natural skin colorings and then analyze your facial structure to determine the shapes that will best suit your face.

After your enhancement shape is pre-drawn with a standard makeup pencil you can approve the shape before the pigment infusions begin. You will be always involved in the decision-making process. Our permanent cosmetics procedures are performed using electronic devices with a handpiece or pen following latest technologies to perform with highest precision and quality standards.

The initial procedure will generally take approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours; there are records to establish; photographs to take; desired design and color to discuss; the procedure to perform, and the aftercare requirements to discuss. Follow up or refill procedures usually do not require the same amount of time, they are generally scheduled with 1hour and take place after earliest 4 weeks up to 3 months after the initial procedure.

We use effective numbing agents to minimize discomfort. The discomfort felt can be likened to that associated with tweezing eyebrows.

We follow a code of practice that ensures a safe treatment. We choose to work only with hypoallergenic pigments that meet European medical standards and perform an allergy test before the treatment commences. We also use the highest quality sterile needles, which are disposed of immediately after the treatment is completed.

Permanent cosmetic enhancement – also known as semi permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation – is an advanced form of tattooing, however we do not infuse the pigment as deeply in the skin and therefore the enhancement will not have the permanency of a conventional tattoo. The pigments we use replicate the colour choices available with conventional cosmetics enabling us to achieve subtle translucent results.

Basically anybody who wants to improve their appearance will benefit from having permanent make up . A specialist can achieve results that are practically undetectable and therefore micropigmentation/ permanent make up are suitable for men too.

If you want save time in your daily routine, especially in the mornings, after the gym or swimming or for the school run. If you don’t want to spend time trying to draw on both eyebrows to match?

If you like the idea of non smudging make up , not have to worry your brows or eyeliner will rub off. Worry free exercise. Swim, dance, sweat at the gym, without the need to touch up your makeup.

Confidence! Wake up looking and feeling beautiful every morning. Look younger and happier. Brow hair and eyelashes are getting sparser as we age. Lip colour fades, your facial features becoming less defined.

Permanent makeup gives back what time or medical conditions have taken away. Permanent make-up can re-create your natural features in a very subtle manner or if you look for more, it can be as dramatic you like.

Save money. Make-up products are pricey and you can spend £100’s every year. It lasts years.

Depending on your skin type, the application techniques and pigment which was used, your makeup will last a very long time.

A permanent makeup treatment is a procedure in which safe, sterile, hypoallergenic pigments are infused into the upper dermal layer of the skin creating a shadow of colour that mimics the appearance of makeup or the most natural of enhancements. A permanent make up treatment (also known as micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing and intra dermal cosmetics) is an advanced form of tattooing and the result afterwards stays over a longer period of time about up to 2 years and gradually fades. All treatments are carried out with the highest hygiene standards and by complying to The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 and all bylaws referring to this Act.

Micro-pigmentation uses tattoo techniques to enhance or reproduce features that are not pronounced or have been lost due to age, a medical condition, or scarring. Cosmetic tattooing is most often used for the face, on the eyebrows, eyes and lips, but also can improve scars or uneven colouring of the skin (vitiligo) and restore the areola around a woman’s nipple after breast surgery.

All treatments are carried out with the highest hygiene standards and by complying to The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 and all bylaws referring to this Act.


Yes, it can. However, we have never had an instance where a client requested this.

Following our first consultation with you, we like to give you a day or so to process your options. Once you have done this, we can schedule your first treatment.

The process consists of several treatment sessions. From start to finish, the process
usually takes 4-5 weeks and typically it would look like this:
1st Session – 3-4 hours, followed by a healing time of 7 – 14 days.
2nd Session – 2-4 hours, followed by another interval of 7 _14 days.
3rd Session – 1-4 hours – followed by perfection

Yes, the initial results are very exciting because you’ll see an instant hairline. The natural pigments we use will often lighten slightly during the first four weeks, and this is normal. The slight redness following treatment will also fade within a few days.

According to our clients, our treatments render 100 % authentic results.  Many people choose to keep their SMP treatment a secret and the fact that they can do it so successfully, bears testimony to the realistic results.

That’s entirely up to you. Some people like to have a maintenance treatment once every three to six years. However, given the right care, your SMP should be forever. We especially caution our clients against over exposure to the sun, because sunburn can cause damage (not just to your SMP).

Technically no, but the treatment successfully hides your scars, so they will become invisible because they blend in.

Most people do not find the treatment painful, while others describe it as mildly painful at worst. If you want to take painkillers, Ibuprofen or Paracetamol taken an hour before the treatment should be ample. The discomfort does not continue beyond the treatment session.

Absolutely. Female hair loss pattern are different to male hair loss pattern and they are defined according to the Ludwig Classification. Therefore treatments for women will possibly work best as a densification treatment. Hair growth in the area to be treated or close to the area will be necessary for a successful result.

It will fade slightly over the course of the first four weeks, but we make provision for this and after treatment the colour will be your desired shade.

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