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Pigment Removal and colour Correction or Lightening of Permanent Cosmetic

Can badly tattooed brows be fixed?

In most cases, they can. Badly shaped brows and unnatural colours can be reworked and brought back to a flattering look with the use of corrective pigments and removal solutions that fade or remove old pigment. Your expectations must be realistic, as results are not always comparable to new brow treatments.

Pigment removal technique by E-raze using rejuvi

Rejuvi tattoo removal utilises a chemical extraction mechanism to remove or lighten micro pigmentation or body tattoos. Rejuvi is a relatively mild alkaline that uses alkaline earth metal oxides to achieve the ink or pigment removal:

1. Suitable for the removal of professional and amateur tattoos

2. Non-colour selective

3. Selectively removes parts of tattoos

Rejuvi is ideal for removing unflattering eyebrow enhancements but not suitable for removing permanent eyeliner. It can be used to improve unattractive lip enhancements but requires careful aftercare management.

Body tattoos are normally removed in 3-4 treatments and permanent make-up in 1 procedure. The treatments are normally spaced 8-12 weeks apart and larger tattoos must be divided into sub-sections allowing safe aftercare management during the healing process.

Colour correction or lightening techniques are : +Fading pigment by over-tattooing with saline +Lightening and removal of permanent make or fading of tattoo to allow cover -up solutions by over tattooing with glycol acid

3D Areola nipple complex reconstruction

For many women, the thought of further surgery to reconstruct the areola-nipple complex after mastectomy is too much to contemplate and they decide to go for the alternative medical tattooing to have the areola-nipple complex created and colored to complete the breast reconstruction. Areola re-pigmentation is an advanced procedure of tattooing that gives the illusion of the natural shape and colour of an areola-nipple complex and minimises scars after mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Despite the possibility of rebuilding a nipple by surgery in most cases, the new build nipple will be generally not in the pink tones of a healthy breast nipple. Using techniques of light and shadow creating a 3 D effect gives the illusion of a protruding realistic appearing nipple. This can be created by medical tattooing and requires multiple sessions for an overall aesthetically pleasing result with even coloring and a balanced shape.


Prior to any treatment, a consultation will determine the most pleasing colour, position, shape, and size of the areola-nipple complex. These factors are depending on whether one or both of the breasts have been reconstructed and whether the surgeon has surgically created a nipple that requires pigmenting to finally complete the realistic appearance of the areola. You will be shown before and after pictures during your consultation and the whole process will be explained in detail

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