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Exclusive Interview with Silva Thenn of NFT Beauty

Welcome to an exclusive interview with the founder of NFT Beauty, Silva Thenn.  She goes into detail about why she has chosen a career in the beauty industry, NFT Beauty and what inspires her to help others feel wonderful by enhancing their natural beauty and help them realize just how lovely they really are.  Silva is a firm believer that everyone deserves to feel wonderful every day and she loves helping you to realize this.


Q. What inspired you to pursue a career in the Beauty Industry?
Silva – “I wanted to help people with my treatments to inspire them to improve or even change their appearance which involves the increase of confidence and adds happiness to peoples life”.

Q. When did you start NFT Beauty?
Silva – “I founded nft beauty back in 2009 as a sole trade company coming from a different background such as a military career but following my passion for beauty, fashion,photography and art”.

Q. What treatments do you offer?
Silva – ” My expertise includes treatments such as follows:

Permanent cosmetic procedures
– reconstruction and enhancement of facial features such as:
– Brow revival by hair by hair simulation or brows by colour mist or powdery effect;
– Eyes – eyeliner in different shapes and thickness;
– Lips – contour definer, blush shading or full lip tint;
– Beauty mark.

Medical Micro-pigmentation procedures
– reconstruction and enhancement of body parts after surgery and injury or due to different medical condition. Reconstruction of areola/nipple complex, scar camouflage, Re-pigmentation of stable vitiligo.

– lightening, removal and colour correction of permanent make up and body tattoos.

– scalp Micro-pigmentation treatments for men and women are a effective hair loss solution to improve areas with complete hair loss, receding hairlines or where hair has thinned out partly for example on the crown or side of the head . This can be age related or due to Alopecia and other various medical conditions.

Q. Why did you choose Permanent Cosmetics?
Silva – “Many years ago when Permanent Cosmetic only started to enter the market I was fascinated by the idea of non smudging make up hence I got my eyeliner done and loved it afterwards to go swimming and do other exercise like playing tennis , horse riding etc. and my eye make up didn’t disappear during my exercise it stayed put and made me feel great. I just was overwhelmed by the idea to do this helping people like it happened to me but I imagined that it could be so much more thinking of all the other treatments they are possible with Micro pigmentation to help people with Alopecia or people they have lost there hair due to medical conditions like cancer. These thoughts propelled me in action to get the best education I can find to become an expert in this field”.

Q. What do you believe are the benefits of Permanent Cosmetics?
Silva – “The first and main benefit in my opinion is the possibility of reconstruction the loss of facial or body features such as loss of eyebrow hair , loss of lip colour or skin pigmentation or the reconstruction of areola after mastectomy or the imitation of hair follicle as an affordable hair loss solution. But saying this huge benefit is laying also in the time saving fact for modern busy mums or business women or people with outdoor active lifestyle they create their daily subtle make up look by enhancing brows /eyes and lips and are ready to go in the morning , that’s an amazing advantage”.

Q. What training is required to be able to do Permanent Cosmetics?
Silva – “First of all it would be handy if you have got an strong interest and a little bit talent when it comes to drawing , you should enjoy it, or you have fun in putting make up on , you like colours and you should have good communication skills and be able to care about people and be organised. Micro-pigmentation procedures require precision and concentration and not to forget your own appearance should reflect that you are professional. Then research for a proper education so to speak an academy which offers a profound training not a 1 or 2 days course . Good theory module with manual , the self study part needs to be 6 to 8 weeks to prepare for the practical training which should be ideally up to 7 days to cover all the aspects in this field , then you should be providing case studies and assessment so overall you are looking at a time span of up to 4 month for the initial training until you are set up with insurance and marketing to start your business. But you will need to gain experience and depending on your personal determination and skills you will need another 1 up to 2 years to be able to deliver high end quality treatments. In these 1 to 2 years you ideally continue attending advanced training courses to stay up to date .

Q. Why did you choose Scalp Micropigmentation?
Silva – “Oh, that’s another area were you can achieve dramatic changes for someone who has experienced hair loss and suffers with self consciousness. Since I have been introduced to a method were the result lasts up to 7 years I attended a master class course to extend my knowledge and skills to be able to offer this fantastic treatment to my clients.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation treatments for men and women are a effective hair loss solution to improve areas with complete hair loss, receding hairlines or where hair has thinned out partly for example on the crown or side of the head . This can be age related or due to Alopecia and other various medical conditions.

The results are extremely natural and require little maintenance. The approximate lifespan is up to seven years taking in consideration that this time can vary depending for example on lifestyle, sun exposure and metabolism of each person. Many clients opt for a follow up treatment after several years to freshen up their look.

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) can be used for:
* Full head simulating hair follicles and blend in existing hair growth
* Thickening hair in hair loss areas and replicate appearance of hair follicles.
* Crown filling and thickening

Q. What advice would you give someone looking to start a business in your industry?
Silva – ” Definetely to do research for the training company thorough. If you found a company which fits your need make an appointment to look at the place and do a tester session or ask to watch a bit of a training session. This way disappointment can be prevented”.

Q. What other essential information do people need to know about running their own business in the UK today?
Silva – “From my point of view it is very important to have a Malpractice Insurance. Especially with the emergence of “No Win No Fee “ solicitors clients are becoming more willing to take legal action against aesthetic businesses. As a result it is imperative that you protect yourself and your business against legal liabilities in the event of damage or harm to a third party. When starting a new business then networking in different ways is essential. Without using
social media and online activity the business develops much slower because the competition is there and fast.

Q. What else would you like people to know about who you are, what you do and life as a successful Specialist in Beauty industry?
Silva – “I see myself as passionate about my profession and I want to give each person who trusts me and wants a treatment with me to give results at a highest standard . I am very patient and keep consistent gaining more knowledge to improve my skills and therefore my treatments, complying with latest technologies in this industry.


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