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NFT Beauty: Permanent Cosmetics & Scalp Micropigmentation in Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire


What is the Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment for men?

Scalp pigmentation or pigment implant is an extremely sophisticated treatment based on a highly specialised hair follicles tattooing procedure and an artistic hair simulation technique. Scalp pigmentation creates an incredibly natural looking simulation of hair in the scalp as long as it is performed by an expert practitioner.

Just like the rest of our treatments, the scalp micropigmentation or dermopigmentation service provides a truly effective cosmetic solution for those people who are suffering from alopecia, baldness, hair loss or thinning hair. Micro Hair Tattooing  is an optical hair simulation (a.k.a. hair follicle replication) technique that when carried out by an experienced professional creates a natural look that simulates the look of shaved or closely cropped hair, regardless of your hair loss stage. Thanks to the services that we provide at nft beauty even those clients who don’t have a single hair on their head can now get a natural looking hairstyle!

Even though the idea of an alopecia, baldness or thinning hair treatment based on a scalp tattoo might seem somewhat unorthodox, it’s important to keep in mind that the Micro Hair Tattooing technique is a male hair loss treatment much more sophisticated that a regular tattoo. This type of paramedical micro pigmentation requires the use of completely different equipment, needles and pigments; besides, the technique itself is highly specialised and many years of training are needed in order to reach the level of perfection that you’ll get with us.

The scalp micro pigmentation or Micro Hair Tattooing doesn’t involve surgery. With this transdermal hair replication you won’t need maintenance treatments, nevertheless you can come back to our clinic every so often to modify or adapt your hairstyle.
 nft beauty provides you consultation and treatments in the scalp pigmentation process.

Micro Hair Tattooing is an artistic hair simulation technique that can be used to efficiently treat any kind of alopecia, baldness, thinning hair, hairline loss, and sideburn hair loss among others. This technique darkens the scalp by replicating hair follicles and is carried out differently depending on your circumstances and preferences. The most common scalp micro pigmentation or dermopigmentation applications are detailed below:

Receding Hair

Micro Hair Tattooing is one of the solutions we offer to those people who are suffering from natural hair loss. Typically caused by a condition known as male pattern baldness, the ‘horseshoe’ effect is produced because the hairline is pushed backwards, particularly on the frontal hair line sides. Thanks to the artistic hair simulation or Micro Hair Tattooing  technique you will be able to redefine your hairline, resulting in a youthful and more natural appearance. dapibus leo.

Balding of the Crown

Another common form of male pattern baldness is the one in which the baldness or hair loss is more predominant on the top of the head towards the crown. Of all the types of alopecia, baldness or hair loss, the balding of the crown is the type of alopecia with the strongest effect on a person’s perceived age. Thanks to scalp micro pigmentation or hair tattooing your hair will have – through the baldness camouflage – a more uniform distribution and, therefore, you’ll have a new, younger style.

Complete Hair Loss

From time to time, the beginning of the baldness or hair loss in men happens very quickly, in other cases the alopecia may take years to affect the whole scalp. We regularly treat clients with complete hair loss that don’t have any hair at all (Alpocecia Universalis), and it’s in these cases in which the client notices the greatest change, not only in his appearance, but also in his confidence and self-esteem.

Hair Loss Caused by Alopecia Areata

Alopecia can affect indiscriminately to any part of the scalp, often to several parts of different size and severity. The beginning of the hair loss is often sudden, random and regularly recurrent. Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is the solution we offer in these cases. It is important to keep in mind that although alopecia does not detrimentally affect to a person’s health, it can have a significant impact on his self-esteem.

Hair Transplant Repair

A hair transplant can leave scars when not carried out by an experienced surgeon. Nevertheless, we offer the SMP service to those clients that have gotten a hair transplant in an unspecialised hair clinic and want to camouflage the scars.

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